So you’re ready to start dating, and you’re not sure where to start. Like most people, you want to find the right person, who is cute, smart, funny, and who you just like being around. Of course, it can be hard to get into the dating scene if you don’t know where to start, or you’re tired of the things you have already tried. You may be getting frustrated by seeing happy couples around you, or having friends who are getting married and starting their lives with someone. Don’t let this discourage you. Everyone does things at their own pace, even when it comes to dating. You don’t want to settle for someone who is not the love of your life. We have the best advice and tips and can answer all your dating questions! Look around, read our helpful guidelines, checkout the bookstore and I think you will be surprised with how much you can learn here!

It seems to be that most people don’t like to be alone. It is nice to have the company of another person, such as a friend or significant other, to sit around and chat with or enjoy each other’s company, regardless of any romantic involvement. However, it is nice to go out on a date with someone who you are attracted to, and who you could have the potential of dating. Whether you are just looking for casual fun or a person to spend the rest of your life with, it has to begin with a date! Dating is fun and exciting, giving you the option to meet so many different types of people and spend time with them to determine where you want your love life to go. Browse our dating guidelines and bookstore for tips and ideas. Check out the list of red flags to watch out for when scrolling through online profiles and remember to keep safety your number one concern. Love is out there for you, it's up to you to make it happen!


Dating, as with everything else, has evolved and changed over many, many years. We are given more freedom and choices in whom to date, marry, etc. Social stigmas about who can date who have changed dramatically from where they were (at least in the US.) With this freedom comes confusion as you can now date anyone that you want to, regardless of race, gender or nationality. So many options make it hard to target your search. There are also so many different ways to meet people. You can meet them at work, school, in a bar, at the grocery store, through mutual friends or even online. It is not the dating of our parents’ time and we can now let love, not expectation, drive who we date and who we marry.

Many people find it difficult to start dating, because they are afraid of putting themselves out there, and be rejected. Or they don’t know how to approach someone, and start a conversation. This can be hard, because if you don’t do it right, some people may be turned off by this direct approach, unless you are in a place such as a club or a bar, because being that forward with someone as they are drinking their morning coffee may seem strange to them. With advances in technology, it has becoming increasingly popular to communicate via a phone or a computer, and not face to face, which is affecting people who are trying to go out there and meet people. They are so used to communication from behind a screen, that they are afraid to face someone in person. However, these advances in technology can have their upsides to them, with online dating becoming increasingly popular.

It used to be, that you would meet someone by chance, in a coffee shop or market, or be set up on a blind date, and see where things went from there. Today, with online dating, social networks and texting these new standards have redefined what it means to date someone. People now have access to each other almost twenty four hours a day, so getting to know someone can be instantaneous. Dating is no longer limited to face-to-face interaction, as social media has become increasingly popular and dating websites are popping up all over. People from all over the world can connect with one another, just as love knows no bounds. Technology has changed the dating game and given singles so much more opportunity to meet people. Once you have met, technology makes it easy to quickly get to know one another and decide if it’s worth the time. Take advantage of the tools available to help you in the dating world.

Dating can be a very tricky thing to understand especially if you haven’t been successful in the past. We want you to find someone who means a lot to you and that you can have a good time with. Whether you chose to meet people out in person or you decide to explore online dating, is here to help! We have done the research and are ready to provide you with the best information we could find! If you are looking for love or just looking for a fun casual dating scene, we can help you! Follow our advice and you will soon have everything you have ever wanted! You may need to break out of your comfort zone to find what you are looking for. If you keep the same routine and go to the same places, you will see the same people. Explore new things and there you will find new and exciting people. With any luck some of them will be single and looking for love too!